SafeSpace™ is a 3 month retainer program unlike any other coaching or therapy I’ve seen available. This service is designed to work as an ‘insurance plan’ and intended to support you when you feel you are in emotional distress. It is not to be treated as a general coaching, therapy or consulting service.

Here’s how it works:

You choose the plan that works best for you. Option 1 & 2 have a 3 month minimum:

Choose One:

⃝   Option 1: Up to 5 Encounters (5 hours) per month – (billed monthly) $450 SAVINGS!

⃝   Option 2: Up to 8 Encounters (8 hours) per month – (billed monthly) $700 SAVINGS!

⃝   Option 3: Pay-As-You-Go at $150/hour

*Savings stated shows the difference in paying $150/hour for the same services.

Definition of an ‘Encounter’:

1 Encounter represents 60 minutes of conversation. 

Initiation of an Encounter via Text or Call counts as 1 Encounter. This one Encounter cannot equate to more than 60 minutes. Over 60 minutes for that 1 Encounter will carry over to a 2nd Encounter being recorded. A maximum of 60 minutes represents back and forth communication. 

Whether you use your maximum allotted Encounters each month or not, you are still responsible for your monthly payment. 

Unused monthly Encounters DO NOT rollover to the following month.

Although you can send messages at any time, responses will fit within the realm of: 9am-11pm Central Time Zone, 7 days/week

Encounter responses are typically done within 30 minutes of receipt but can take up to 24 hours. 


  1. You have a stressful day and really want to talk. You text me to schedule a mutual time to have a call. We have our call for 30 minutes and later that day you have some follow up thoughts regarding our conversation. You text me with those thoughts and we text back and forth for 30 minutes. A texting conversation is recorded as accumulated time towards your 60 minutes per Encounter. In this example the entire combination of calls and texts counts as 1 Encounter that month.
  2. You’re getting to the end of the month and have used 5 out of your 5 paid for Encounters. But you really need to have a conversation and not wait until next month. You text me to schedule a time for a call. In order to proceed I can bump you up to the 8 Encounters per month and have you pay the additional $200 for that month prior to this additional Encounter. During our conversation we can decide if your additional future months should be at the 5 or 8 Encounters per month tier.

Ready for the Next Step?

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You can find a copy of this program’s contract at: