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The journey to SafeSpace™

I started SafeSpace™ realizing how important it is for all of us to be able to share and be vulnerable to heal.  Without sharing and releasing our emotions get locked inside our bodies and our bodies form disease since the body and mind are connected. 
Being a massage therapist for 20 plus years I have witnessed how much pain the body holds and is manifested in the body somewhere to create chronic pain and disease. 
To get fully permanent change we need to feel to heal then release. 
It is not always easy to share our deepest feelings in fear of judgement.  So, it’s not always doable to go to family and friends to share. 
I know for myself it has been quite challenging to find a trusted source where I can share my deepest wounds so I can feel them instead of blocking and minimizing them and pretending they do not exist. 
This way of dealing with my emotions has prevented me from feeling and healing and not living the life I deserve.  So, this is why my journey led me to creating this SafeSpace™!  I want to be your SafeSpace™ to go to so you can have someone listen and allow you to release your wounds, worries, hurts to help create healing in your mind and body. 
There is no JUDGEMENT, just COMPASSION and an understanding as I meet you where you are in the moment!
I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and I believe we are all connected and the disconnect comes from not feeling SAFE! 
Allow me to be your SafeSpace™ to feel, heal and release to go on to live the empowered life you deserve and is here for you so you can manifest all you desire!! Namaste.

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